This new book by Pat Crocker and Ellen Novack provides a fresh perspective on healing with Cannabis. An educational primer and health-oriented cookbook, Healing Cannabis Edibles will help people make informed decisions about consuming Cannabis to improve their health.
The book explores the effects of Cannabis and other power herbs for eight medical conditions: Appetite loss; Athletic Enhancement; Anxiety, Epilepsy; Inflammation; Memory; Pain and Sleep. It makes suggestions based on scientific and herbal research for best health benefits through a variety of foods, drinks, tinctures and spa products. 

Now that consumers can purchase Cannabis legally, how do they know what to choose? What supplier to use? How much to take? How it will affect them?

While the herb can be purchased, edibles are still not legal. Healing Cannabis Edibles will answer these questions and demonstrate how to make edibles for those who do not want to smoke.


Each recipe comes with precise calculations for a standard dose of THC/CBD in every serving. The book guides readers to experiment safely and cautiously with their own bodies to discover if and how Cannabis best serves them.


Culinary herbalist Pat Crocker is trusted by the 1.4 million readers who own her existing 22 cookbooks, while journalist Ellen Novack has researched hundreds of documents to understand the power of this herb and to help her own son.

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