Breathe in the Pinene

The essential oil of Pinene contributes to the sense of well-being while walking through a forest, or having this terpene in your Cannabis profile.


Understand that since sativa and indica strains of Cannabis now are so interbred, we need to examine individual terpenes to differentiate the types of Cannabis and to decide what strain works best for what medical condition.

Terpenes are the aromatic organic hydrocarbons found in essential oils of plants that provide the smell and taste of plant as well as their own individual medicinal benefits.

Not surprising, Pinene releases aroma of pine trees, which nature developed as an adaptive protection again predators. As well, it enhances creativity, alertness and euphoria. There is good reason that Shinrin Yoku, or the Japanese art of forest bathing is so popular to reduce stress.

Pinene is the most widely encountered terpene in nature (Norma and Asakawa, 2010) since it has a protective insect repellent role. This terpene also can be found in pine needles, conifer trees, orange peels, rosemary, dill, basil, and parsley.

Who does it benefit?

For maximum health benefit, include Pinene in your Cannabis profile for those who are treating any of the following symptoms:

Anti-inflammatory (Gill et al., 1989)

Wide spectrum antibiotic (Nissen et al., 2010)

Helps reduce/eliminate short term memory impairment caused by THC (Perry et al., 2000, Miyazawa, 2005)

People with asthma also look to this terpene for benefits. Research has shown it helps improve airflow to the lungs (a bronchodilator in humans at low exposure levels, Falk et al., 1990)



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