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What if I take too Much?

The scare tactics used to discredit Cannabis continue to alarm people

One of the worries I continually hear from people who are tempted to use Cannabis, is that they are afraid of using too much, of losing control, getting sick and not understanding what is happening to them.

The commonly held "start low, go slow" is valid for newbies. Everyone has a different tolerance for Cannabis, depending on many factors: age; weight; previous Cannabis use; even what you had for dinner. Fats, for example, coat the stomach, making absorption very different, probably slower, than if you ate an edible or smoked on an empty stomach.

The first suggestion is to know how much and what you are taking. Is the Cannabis Sativa or Indica, high in THC or CBD?

But stuff happens, and you may one day ingest too much THC for your comfort.

It has been shown that instead of making you high and happy, taking too much THC may cause anxiety and paranoia. Hospitals are complaining that people are coming into emergency rooms thinking they are dying.

It is the herb telling you that you have taken too much.

Don’t’ panic.

Here are some tips to reduce the effects:

Eat baked potatoes, breads, carbs.

Try a shower, black pepper helps – sniff or chew it.

Drink water with lemon or OJ


Understand that this will pass

Go to sleep

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