Limonene terpene - Love that Lemon

Get that lemony lift

Lemons have a long history in folk medicine, so it should come as no surprise that the citrusy limonene terpene found in Cannabis offers therapeutic benefits. It is yet another terpene fighter in the Cannabis entourage.

Terpenes are the aromatic organic hydrocarbons found in essential oils of plants that provide the smell and taste of the plant as well as their own individual medicinal benefits.

This terpene, whose name is derived from the peel of the lemon "Citrea Limone', has a lemon citrus aroma. It also is common in lemons (duh) , other citrus fruits and peppermint.

Who does it benefit?

Like all terpenes, it works best with the whole plant. Limonene improves absorption of other terpenes and chemical throught the skin, mucous membranes and digestive tract.

Studies show the benefits of Limonene for treating:

  • Anxiety (Carvalho-Freitas and Costa, 2002; Pultrini Ade et al, 2006)

  • Those wanting to lose weight

  • Bronchitis

Additional interesting facts about Limonene:

  • Studies show that this terpene helps with stress relief and is shown to elevate moods

  • A patent has been submitted, claiming that Limonene effectively treats gastro-oseophageal reflux (Harris, 2010)

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