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The World is Quickly Changing Look who is studying Cannabis

Continuing scientific research confirms yet another healing benefit of the Cannabis plant

Although I shouldn't be surprised by the wide range of scientists and institutions now researching the healing properties of Cannabis, I never thought it would be as far-reaching and accepted so quickly. Case in point is research presented at the ASM Microbe, annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology June 20-24 in San Francisco, California.

Leading edge research was led by Dr. Mark Blaskovich at the University of Queensland's Institute of Molecular Bioscience's Centre for Superbug Solution in collaboration with Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The research suggests that CBD (Cannabidiol) is active against certain bacterias responsible for serious infections.

The researchers found that CBD was effective at killing a wide range of Gram-positive bacteria, including bacteria that have become resistant to other antibiotics and did not lose effectiveness after extended treatment.

According to its press release, "the American Society of Microbiology is the largest single life science society, composed of more than 30.000 scientists and health professionals. Its mission is to promote and advance the microbial sciences".

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